A Talk with Spiritual Teacher & Photographer Eva Lin

In my journey to empower women and girls, I find myself empowered every day by one thing - solidarity. A Course in Miracles tells us, "Accepting the oneness with each other that undoes the separation which gave rise to the dream in the beginning."
Inspired by this feeling and thought from the Course, I wanted to bring some awareness to Pittsburgh's spiritual scene and show you a lady or two I have been following for a long time, and who are standing with me in empowering others through light.  I decided to speak with and share with you Eva Lin, yoga teacher & photographer. 

M: What does it mean to you to be a spiritual teacher? 

Eva: I think helping others find clarity in their mind and body through any form or channel - it could be yoga, daily conversation, anything really! Helping others to realize their true selves, to not attach to situational circumstances, to reduce suffering in any capacity, that's what I think it means to be a spiritual teacher. 

M: What does the Pittsburgh spirtual community look like to you?

Eva: While I think there is still a lot of opportunity for Pittsburgh in this realm, the community here has grown very rapidly and quickly over the last few years. Pittsburgh still has that small town vibe where it makes it easier to imagine and create large scale events where you don't have to deal with tons of bureaucracy and jumping over hoops to get something done. We have hosted large scale yoga events at ballparks & on bridges that are larger than many similar events in major cities like Chicago and Boston, and Yoga at Market Square consistently brought out a few hundred people every week the past two summers! There is definitely a huge wellness movement happening, and it's exciting to be a part of it all.

As far as favorite studios, I teach at Schoolhouse Yoga, one of the oldest studios in Pittsburgh, and just love the variety and wisdom of all the teachers there. I also love the communities and teachers at Salt Power Yoga and South Hills Power Yoga.

M: How does your photography aesthetic add to spiritual representation? (what do you bring to the spiritual table through your art?) 

Eva: I love photographing people and bringing out their "love and light." My hope is that through my photography, my art, that I can help someone realize their inner beauty and gifts to the world. My philosophy has definitely influenced my editing style, which is very bright, airy, and ethereal. 


All photos are copyright by Eva Lin Photography and can be found on www.evalinphotography.com