How the Everyday Person can Defeat Terrorism

Paris, Beruit, Mali... 

It's 'after the fact' for a lot of the world. 

I am here to remind you.

Not of the attacks. Or the trauma. I can't comprehend either of those. 

I won't claim that I know how devastations past, present, or future can or could have been avoided. I won't claim to understand that level of pain or grief. 

I am not forcing anyone into a forgiveness they don't understand or want. I don't have a particular attachment to military defense. 

In the 'after,' there have been a lot of opinions. I am saying one thing.

We have forgotten. Forgotten about love. 

This doesn't mean that those who are doing their part in rescuing, raiding, memorializing don't deserve a round of applause. If anything, they should be applauded every minute we are still alive. 

I am referring to the love of the people who say, "but I can't do anything about that."

We have forgotten that we can. 

How? Physics. 

Physicist J.S. Bell proved non-locality, the theory that nothing is separate, but indistinguishable, interconnected, at a subatomic level. 

If you have faith, you might believe that God created us - all of us - in His image. 

We are not separate. We all have a capacity for love. It's not a religion, or belief system, or political movement that causes extremism.

Fear causes extremism. And we can all fall captive to it.

Unless we remember to love. 

Love is a personal and daily commitment that has a ripple effect beyond our understanding. And I'm not saying that to be dramatic. 

Not too long ago, a meditation experiment took place in Washington D.C. The group meditated on public steps for one week, during a heat wave.

The crime rate in Washington D.C. that week dropped 23.3%.*

"The soul is the source of our joy, truth, beauty, and infinite potential. When we live from this level of life, we are immediately connected to and supported by other souls. We heal and are healed in return."

- Deepak Chopra

 "We need to start by addressing the violence within ourselves." 

- Russell Brand

Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.

- Martin Luther King Jr. 

We have forgotten that love is stronger. That love is a tool that destroys fear, and that we must feel it. 

It's 'after the fact' for a lot of the world - that is exactly when we need to start acting. 

Meditate. Pray. Send positive thoughts to those around you. Do what you have to do. 

What you do matters. 


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