Make Your New Years Resolution about FUN

As you know, She Enlightened was created for the purpose of reworking conversations, stereotypes, and beliefs to help us rise to our full potential, and recognize the potential of others. 

I have written before about how work does not make you who you are. You can work passionately, you can use your work to change the world, but it never defines you. 

So  where do we establish our self-worth, in work or otherwise? 

Our conversations with others. 

Others have a power to frame how we think of ourselves and our experiences. We gather societal expectations from them from a very young age.

So if we begin and end a conversation with them about their work, what idea will they have of themselves?

My friend Christy Uffelman from Align Leadership, creator of EDGE Cohort Experience to develop talent in mid-level career women, didn't miss a beat this holiday season in challenging party rhetoric. She shares her story...

The hostess introduced us and immediately became distracted with another guest.  Before Melissa could ask me the “expected question”, I usurped her.
“So”, I said cheerfully, “What do you do for fun?”
She started to tell me about her job, and I gently interrupted and repeated myself.
“That’s lovely. But what do you do for fun?”
She stood there a minute, and finally said “I honestly do not know how to answer that.”
Neither do I.
We ended up having an incredibly meaningful conversation about how the whirlwind of our lives gets in the way of fun – and more importantly, how we actively make that choice.  We talked about how Melissa had no idea what was “fun” to her anymore.
Read more on Christy and Align Leadership's blog. 

Where can you incorporate these subtle shifts as we shift into a new year - and where can you have more fun?