Riding the Wave of Emotion

A misconception of Buddhist peace is that they have spent years studying, practicing, learning, to control the mind properly. 

In fact, it's the opposite.

The most peaceful people have the philosophy of sitting with whatever they are feeling.

In fact, they welcome it. 

They turn to their anxiety, their despair, their anger, and say, "hey, let's hang out for the day." 

One of the most important lessons that I can teach you is that concept. 

Accept that you are not at peace. In that lack of peace, you find peace. 

Miraculous, right?

That's because within the noise, you are able to find silence. Noise depends on silence. The silence - and peace - will always be there. 

Women have long been stereotyped as "too emotional," that their emotions are "cyclical," "unpredictable," "imbalanced," and, therefore, wrong. 

This idea is both gendered and inaccurate. It is entirely ingrained in the capitalistic, masculine professionalism of our society, based on the individual and the idea that we all have to be superhuman, all the time. 

Emotions are a human experience - they are not exclusive to the feminine experience. In fact, it is harmful to men to state that emotions belong to femininity. Next week, I'll be exploring how men are held captive by emotionless masculine ideals. In the meantime, men, you're absolutely welcome to take part in this meditation too. This is a HUMAN experience! 

But for now, we focus on these three things I want to let you know:

1.) You are not weak. My intuition tells you this is exactly where your mind goes the second you begin to feel a negative feeling. This is what society wants you to believe. Don't buy into it. That creates even more guilt and shame inside of you. Choose what will bring you to peace! 

2.) Emotions are meant to ripple through you. Don't hold onto them. This actually creates blockages in your body that can lead to physical ailments, mental impediments, and deep emotional pain. Let it go, sister. Feel it. 

3.) It may not seem like it now, but you will bounce back. Just as you detoured from joy to anxiety or depression, you are just as easily able to detour back to peace and love. That is available to you always

Ride the wave of your body. Ride the wave of your thoughts. Ride the beautiful wave of emotion - for that's just what it is! 

Ride the wave, and you will learn to love and respect all that comes with being you.


Read through the meditation before you begin.

1.). Set an alarm for five minutes.

2.) Lie down for this one. Spread your legs and face your palms upward, as if you were in shavasana. Begin my breathing slowly.

Breathe into your body and where you are holding your emotion. For me, a lot of times, that is my stomach. 

Imagine your emotions taking on a color. If you're angry, that might be red. Anxiety, green or yellow. Listen to your body and let that color come to you. 

As you breathe in, breathe that color up to your mouth.

As you exhale out of your mouth, release that color, and see it transform outside of your body into a beautiful breath of white light.

Watch that white light fall and reenter your body, into the same agitated space that it left. 

What you are using is a visualization technique that works to transform how you perceive the feeling inside of you. Recreating how you see that negative emotion, releasing it, letting it out of your body and back into your body in the form of light, will work to heal you. 

Don't underestimate the power of visualization. Adjust where you need and do what feels comfortable to you. Maybe instead of a color, it's a mantra. I breathe out this anger. I breathe in love. 

Namaste, sister.