How to Be Grateful For Your Body

This past week, I've been called to a book called "The Candida Cure," written by Ann Boroch, a consultant who put her MS into remission by freeing herself of yeast, gluten, sugar, and all of the inflammation and symptoms they cause - even symptoms as 'simple' as bloating, brain fog, and fatigue.

Through this account, I have found myself adjusting my diet, becoming conscious of what feels good for me. 

Long ago, I put this intention into the world to care for my body and create a more spirited health. Only recently did I surrender to it and ask for it in joy. THAT'S when I found my peace in it. Through yoga, meditation, and now a diet shift, I begin to see my body with more love in every respect. For instance...

I do not resist when my body feels pain, because I know it has the capacity to heal itself.

I respect my monthly cycle, because I understand its ultimate purpose is to bring more life and love. 

I do not place limiting beliefs about weight, skin, hair, or any physical feature upon my body. 

I am exactly as God wanted my body - as a vehicle to bring love into the world. 

Once you can accept this, you are no longer shackled to the belief system we've created around our bodies.  And you will want to care for your body. 


1.) If it is the end of the day, reflect on the moments you were ungrateful for your body or treated it without care today. How did you fail to listen to the love inside of you, and instead listened to society's beliefs about what it "should" look like? 

If it is the morning, start your day anew. Let your commitment to love and peace of the body be known to the universe. 

2.) Next, find a place to sit in stillness. If you cannot find a quiet space, allow the background noise and listen to the silence in between. It is there.

Take time to repeat each of these mantras today. Do not be discouraged if you struggle with them at first - we are hardwired to believe awful lies about our bodies. If you can return to love, even just for a moment, opening that door will move mountains for your inner work. Have faith. 

Gently close your eyes. Become aware of your surroundings and the positive, loving energy around you. 

Breathe in. Breathe out. Deepen with each cycle of breath.

Inhale: I accept that I have placed society's falsest illusions upon my body.

Exhale: I release these harmful expectations. 

Inhale: I become aware of my body. I listen to my body. 

Exhale: I honor my body. 

Inhale: I see my body for the light that it is.

Exhale: I am so grateful for all my body has given me.