What Does Empowerment Really Mean?

Empowerment means aligning with love - love of yourself. 

The truth of who you are is self-love, and love for others, and seeing the two as a union. 

It means to honor yourself, your experience, and your feelings, no matter what they are, no matter what the world's commentary on your story. 

Empowering yourself means recognizing every situation and relationship as a chance to learn.

It means to trust yourself.

To hold yourself. 

To forgive yourself.

To believe in the power of your own light.


1). Put on an empowering song - my favorites are Beyonce, Barbra Streisand, Fifth Harmony (and that's just the beginning). 

2). Stand in front of a mirror. Look yourself in the eye. 

Normally I don't advocate for looking in a mirror. I think we should live our lives authentically as often as possible, without getting caught up too much in the pressure of what we don't see in the mirror. But when you look yourself in the eye and tell yourself something good, you start to smile. It is not necessarily being okay with what you see - it is the feeling you get from seeing your happiness reflected. This is a power you need to see. 

3). Spread your arms and legs and stand in an 'X' formation. Continue to stand, if you can, like this for two minutes. 

It has been proven that taking up as much space as possible releases hormones that make you feel more powerful. If you notice, men are taught this already - to build muscle mass, to be tall, to spread their legs when they sit. I'd like to revolutionize how we teach women to stand, sit, walk, etc., as well. Spread it all out. 

Amy Cuddy, social psychologist, breaks this idea down in her brilliant TED Talk. 

4). Create your own positive FeMantras. 

Your experience is your own experience; I can't speak to the positivity you need to bring to yourself in this moment. All that matters is that you are speaking kindly to yourself, honoring exactly how you feel, and telling yourself there is a reason you deserve this empowerment. 

Happy Empowering!