Why Being Alone is The Best Thing That’s Ever Happened to Me

Also published as, "Moment(s) to Myself" at http://www.cakenwhiskey.com/moments-to-myself/

I have a history of exiting family parties to read, networking to go into a bathroom and center myself, excusing myself during late nights to have an hour or so to myself before I have had to sleep, and, when I was younger, sleepovers to lay down early.

I’ve been giving myself space since age 7.

I’m sure you can relate. Sometimes we need space from everyone. But a solitary desire – no matter what the period of time - is a feeling not valued by society.

Walden Pond-esque existences – we call these people crazy. Socially challenged. Something’s inherently “wrong” with their lack of a significant, round-the-clock social circle. 

I have had friends who are “afraid” to be alone. They find it boring, depressing, lonely. Our culture values social experiences, growing in conversation, building relationships that can help us get “to the top,” family time, shopping days and dinners out with girlfriends, spending hours upon end with significant others, going out, staying late at the office. We are social creatures.

Why can’t we celebrate ourselves, by ourselves?

I’m alone a lot. I go for walks. I reach out to the stars. I listen to music. I let it fill up the atoms that collaborate to keep me alive. I learn something new in a book. I make decisions. I come back to my relationships complete, whole. I expand the very essence of time. I smile to myself. I forgive myself. I fall in love with myself.

My advice to you today is not “carve out five to ten minutes a day for yourself” or to “pick up a hobby that can allow you to be alone,” although that’s okay advice.

It’s to take as much time for yourself as you need.

Because your love is at its best when you love you.