What is True Rest?

As humans, we are always going to be tired.

In our waking hours (and even in sleeping hours) we are putting our bodies under stress. Bad stress, good stress, and everything in between. Energy is moving around us. The energy of others, the weather, light, heat. It is undeniable that there will always be a push and pull from the cellular level of ourselves. 

This means that your body will always need to recharge. From young children crying to skip a nap to adults pushing in the office until sleep deprivation is a badge of honor, there is no perceived value in sleep. 

We tell each other, 

I wish I didn't need sleep. There's so much I could get done. 

I was up too late watching TV. 

I need to finish this before bed. It's more important. 

In the past two days, I have pulled two very specific Miracles Now cards (cards by Gabby Bernstein)

Sleep is a spiritual practice, and I make time to recharge my battery; the world needs my energetic light. 

Being unemployed has forced me into a stress detox. I have more than collapsed into exhaustion. At first, it bothered me all the time. But how will I get things done if I'm so tired all the time? No one else is this tired. 

This internal dialogue worried me, which made me even more tired.

I've been coping with the fact that this experience is just another lesson in learning to listen to and honor my body. This is just another way to show myself love. This is just another way that I can forgive myself. 

I have learned that:

  • As a woman, my levels of needed rest will be different at certain points during the month. 
  • 'Having it All' does not mean sacrificing taking care of yourself. 
  • Sleep is the priority. 
  • Rest keeps you balanced, peaceful, and accepting. 

If we all allowed ourselves to be tired and valued rest, taking care of our bodies would follow that. Diet, relationships, and productivity are all better with more sleep and rest. We would see more value then. 


1). Go to bed at least a half hour to an hour earlier than usual tonight. Increase in time night after night if you feel it's benefiting you. 

2). Begin to be more conscious of your sleep cycles. Mark them down, get an app, or just be aware of the time when it starts to grow dark outside. 

3). Monitor your stress, sleepiness, and memory. Are they improving? 

4). Forgive yourself constantly. Society will not value this the way you do. Trust that it is helping you and forgive. 

And go from there. Your sleep is a spiritual practice of your own - thrive in it!