Choosing to Spread Love

"You're the worst."

That was a note someone had written and placed on my car for parking on top of a line and preventing them from parking next to me yesterday. Not a great way to start a Sunday morning.

Heart sinking, I walked up my apartment stairs slowly, slightly defeated. Why would someone take the time out of their day to write that, when our neighborhood is abundant with parking, and it isn't worth their time? 

Because they are going through something themselves. 

No happy person would spend time spreading hate or unkind words. No person who felt completely secure in themselves would feel the need to bring someone else's day down. 

This thought opened up my curiosity - what could this nameless, faceless person with Sheraton hotel stationary be going through?

And it led me to want to spread love. 

I shifted from ways I could take this note out on someone else and began to think of what I could do for my roommate or my family that day. How could I help them out? How could I let them know that I love them?

The note became a blessing instead of something I took personally.

Those slaps across the face are assignments. The Universe is waiting to see you handle them with love. 

What have you recently faced in your life that has made you feel defeated, or that you've taken personally? I challenge you to see it not as something to feel badly about, but as something to grow from. 

Remember that moment. Remember to choose to spread love.