A Mantra for the Holidays

Beautiful lights, cheerful music, and time with family and friends, can sometimes make us feel forced to be happy when we're not. Our surroundings are happy, so why aren't we? 

Although a lot don't admit it, people can struggle through the holidays, especially after loss, because of stress, or a situation affecting their personal lives.

Christmas, though - even if you only look at it from a spiritual perspective - was not based in pure light. 

And I'm not talking about how a King was born in a manger in a barn, or the social status of Mary and Joseph. It's not because the birth story wasn't glamorous. It's because of the context.

It was a time of a lot of killing and displacement. Of illness, and death. Individual grief and anxiety. 

"Savor the richness of a savior born into a broken world, for broken hearts, to bring healing."

Despite the mirroring context of our world today to that in the story of Christmas, we can rest easy in knowing that this story represents the knowledge that light overcomes darkness. That love always wins. That the truth will always be revealed. That the best is yet to come. That hope is never lost. 

Take any of these mantras (including the quote) and repeat it this holiday season. 

You do not have to be soaking in pure light.

If we let it, light will do the work, and overcome the darkness. 

In the new year, I'll be introducing how to create your own mantras in Meditation for the Modern Woman.

Happy Holidays, Enlightened Ones.