Relieving Menstrual Pain with Acupressure

It plagued me as a teenager, and here it was again: menstrual cramps. 

For those of you who get your period, I probably don't have to tell you that menstrual cramping is a unique physical pain and can be truly unbearable. On the mild end of the spectrum, menstrual pain can be irritating - it can also come in extreme forms of diseases that we don't talk too often about, like endometriosis ( 

When the pain hit, I didn't want to look to medication. I couldn't make it out of bed to get a particular herb or drink that would calm me. I wanted an easy, natural fix.

I picked up my phone and looked up something I had heard of but knew little about: acupressure. 

I knew that acupressure was a modification of acupuncture, a practice of clearing energy blockages through meridian points with a needle. These energy channels are located throughout the body, making up a network established by Chinese medicine. Acupressure instead uses the finger on these meridian points. 

As my intuition suspected, my pain subsided the second I tried it. Now I want to share with you the two points that helped me. 

All you do is push on these points - and feel the relief! 

1). Above the ankle. There's a sweet spot about four fingers up from your ankle bone on the inside of your leg. 

2). Side of the foot. There are many nerve endings and meridian points in your foot, so feel free to explore this one. But you can start with the side of your foot, about halfway between your toes and your heel. 

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