Free Meditation - Transform Your Body to Light

I finally did it.

I finally sat down and recorded a meditation. 

Any time I recommended a meditation in the past year to whoever asked, I have recommended one that I've written. I've blogged about it twice, here and here, and included it in my free ebook of meditations. 

That's because the person asking described something that I have felt - some universal feeling of anxiety, fear, anger - that I have no doubt also felt, but additionally, felt stored in my body. 

And this meditation works. Every. Time. 

The mind-body connection is so strong.This meditation works to bring that feeling out of your body and back into your body in the form of light. By recycling your energy, you can clear blockages, renew yourself, and even heal your body as well as your mind, and begin to experience your experience differently. 

I am so excited to share this with you. 

Get yours here