The Tool Hillary Used to Cope Post-Election

No one is immune to the pain of rejection. 

Whether real or self-interpreted, rejection can and will bring with it shame, fear, anxiety, heartbreak, self-doubt.

Such a public, visible, and widespread rejection like losing a presidential candidacy cannot be easy. I picked up Hillary Clinton's new book, What Happened, to hear from the woman many expected to be the United States' 45th President. 

By page 27 (as you can see), she describes the number one thing that helped her cope during that time: yoga and breathwork

When I read this, my heart pumped with excitement. As a woman, I already feel a kinship with Hillary in her loss.

This page made me realize that maybe her losses and our losses aren't so different, after all.

Maybe it really does all come back to the breath. 

Maybe through our pain, we are finally coming home.