Where meditation album proceeds will go

Our bodies have an intrinsic capability to heal that we can only dream to consciously replicate. That's why it's so important that we listen to our bodies. 

I chose to donate the proceeds of Enlighten the World Meditations, my new meditation album, to Exhale to Inhale, because they promote this very ideal. The organization's core belief is that survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault can feel strong and safe in their bodies. 

E2I brings trauma-informed yoga to survivors in the New York City and Los Angeles areas, in 22+ class facilities. 

Partner violence is at risk of being hidden, shamed, and unsupported nationally...again. Because women are the primary abused, this issue demonstrates an internalized belief that women are not valuable, human, or worthy of being respected at the most basic physical level - that they are not subjects in their own lives, worthy of an unharmed body. 

Here's how Exhale to Inhale has helped hundreds..

“After the trauma I had experienced, my body closed down. The practice of yoga physically helped me but also using the breath to really spread the stability has been night and day.” - Student from Connect NYC

“The very first time I didn’t know what yoga was. And when we started with Melissa (the yoga teacher) we were happy. We didn’t want it to end.” - Student from Violence Intervention Program, Inc.

“I come to yoga classes because they make me feel better. We keep it in and yoga is a way to release and feel free.” - Student from Connect NYC

Beautiful, right?

By purchasing and practicing this album you will have lit a candle in your heart - one that will burn for others to see.