A Course in Miracles for Activists

A Course in Miracles for Activists is a new She Enlightened blog series that uses the text's spiritual practices to ground activists in the light. 

Activist burnout has been a heavy topic of conversation lately. When we fight for so many issues for so long, we are bound to feel more than drained. Like we aren't getting anywhere. Like one individual can't make a dent in the universe. 

A lot are saying that self-care is the answer - and that's true, to an extent. Everyone needs self-care to get through the daily. 

But activists have a strong purpose. They live and breathe that purpose. Caring for themselves will not reinforce that purpose. Grounding yourself in that purpose will. Meditation will. 

I've created a new series with lessons from A Course in Miracles that will give activists text and hope to meditate on. My hope is that it will guide you in your meditation practices, to give you the strength to make bold decisions in difficult times, and to help you rest in knowing that what you are fighting for is love. 

A few words about A Course in Miracles

This is a metaphysical text written by the Foundation for Inner Peace in the 60s and 70s intended for spiritual transformation. Although it uses words like God, it is a fairly neutral text with one underlying message: the two motivations that exist in this world are love and fear, and that fear is an illusion.

Don't get hung up about the specifics - just interpret the lessons as it pertains to you and your work. It will give you something to reflect on and hopefully inspire you to keep moving. 

Today's Lesson

The cause of pain is separation, not the body...Yet separation is but empty space, enclosing nothing, doing nothing, and as unsubstantial as the empty place between the ripples that a ship has made in passing by. And covered just as fast, as water rushes in to close the gap and as the waves in joining cover it. Where is the gap between the waves when they have joined, and covered up the space which seemed to keep them separate for a little while? 

This passage highlights one of the most important (and perhaps ONLY, as it is so simple) themes in A Course in Miracles - we are not separate, we are one. Quantum physicists will tell you the same. The world is all made up of the same energy. That means that you have the power to influence another's energy with your own. After knowing that, why would you spend any time in any energy other than love? Because we have put our faith in fear and let it run our country and world. We have let ourselves believe in separation.

 As Joan of Arc is quoted, "I'm not afraid. I was born to do this." 

How will you adopt this attitude in your next protest, organizing, event, fundraiser, conversation with your child?