Why Fully Healing is a Myth

I'm going out on a limb with this title.

I mean...I'm a healer, and here I am, claiming it's all a ruse.

But here's where I see the distinction:

I don't think healing is a myth. I think being healed is a myth.

And it's because of one quote:

"healing is a spiral, not a straight line."

- Erin Telford

Have you ever been in a really great place, thinking that your troubles were over, your triggers were behind you, that because of the knowledge and wisdom you gained due to an experience, you had nothing more to learn when it comes to that experience, and you're on top of the world, ready to preach your enlightened guru sunny demeanor to everyone?

Humans have an unbelievable hope that one day they will arrive at a place where nothing hurts and everything goes well for the rest of forever. 

And then you're suddenly being torn apart by a similar (or the same!) experience. 

This is because we are meant to grow through healing. Healing isn't meant to resolve our issues (although this is a great side effect); healing is a forever process to commit to. 

Healing is meant to expose to us what become our deepest lessons - and our deepest lessons, like anything else that's memorable or important to us, are themes that keep showing up in our lives.

This is why I'm skeptical of total forgiveness, enlightenment, happiness, and stability. I'm skeptical of those who seek something or someone to solve all of their problems. I'm skeptical of those who believe that because they have moved away from an experience, that experience has not informed their story.

Always reframe a "setback" as a "growth spurt." That's exactly what it is. 

You may be "in that place again." That place may look exactly the same.

Remember that you, however, are not.