Cake & Whiskey

Unearthing Your Inner Confidence

Late 2014, I looked 2015 in the face and challenged the new year to be a year of miracles. 

The second I set that intention, the universe delivered, tenfold, leaving me awestruck and humbled in daily gratitude. I've had doors slammed in my face, but God didn't just open a window. The wall came tumbling down. 

A good friend of mine told me recently that he could tell "how passionate I was" about women's issues. I thought for a moment. What he said was true. But I don't call this a passion.

With an enormous sense of love and self, I decided this year to bring this power of conviction and light and miracles to other women and girls. To fill them up. To let them know that if they commit to a path of discovering the vast, unimaginable love inside of them, and if men can do the same, maybe we can shift the feminist conversation to one of a conscious awakening, that the human experience is the human experience, no matter the form it arrives in. 

That inner work can overcome the barriers that society tells us we need. That love can break down walls. 

This is a life's dedication. A life's work. This is what God put me on earth to do, and by God, will I do it. 

Lastly, thank you to Cake & Whiskey for sharing my thoughts. I am so grateful to be part of your community. Please enjoy my first post for the Magazine, titled, Unearthing Your Inner Confidence.