Mari and Sheila


I wrote my first novel when I was seven.

And by "novel," I mean about 16 five-page chapters written in pencil in a princess notebook. 

Although the story may not have been published like I dreamed it one day would be, I learned an important lesson from that experience.

My voice mattered. 

Although I've never found a strength in public speaking, I have found a strength and a love in writing. I have found that stories, inspiration, light, and love are passed from me through writing. It is my ultimate form of expression. 

14 years later, I found the same empowerment in my voice through my first published book, a children's book entitled Mari and Sheila, that I wrote after hearing an environmental talk in college. I wanted children to learn about an animal that we may not have someday soon - polar bears. And how we as humans have had an effect on their emanating extinction. 

To me, writing is a feminist practice. It is expressive, it is empowered, it is personal, and there are so many choices, tones, lenses you can take on. This blog is a perfect manifestation of that. 

I am a proud indie author, #PoweredByIndie. 

Now I'm curious to know...through what expression do you raise your voice?