A Mudra to Move the Heart

I've been doing yoga, lately, that is more than yoga.

I go to a new vinyasa studio that incorporates sanskrit names, chanting, mantras, and mudras, and, of course, I love it. I had known some of these in theory, but never used them in a yoga practice. As I began to incorporate all of these new ways of heightening my spiritual practice, each class I would engage with them in the moment, and then release them on my way out the door. 

That was until I held lotus mudra. 

Our teacher instructed us to spread our legs for goddess pose. Bracing myself for some heavy leg pain, I took a deep breath and dove into a pose that I never found to be anything special. 

She walked us through lotus mudra, and, combined with my leg posture, I started to realize I had never felt so powerful holding a pose - so, of course, I had to rush to share it. 

Lotus mudra opens your heart and kindles a fire in your heart chakra. As I've always said, the feeling of love is linked to empowerment. The more you live in love, the more secure you will feel with yourself, your surroundings, your future. The less you want to inflict hurt and judge others. This mudra should be incorporated daily to bring ourselves back to our love, for the sake of the world. 

How to Hold Lotus Mudra

A mudra is a hand posture or pose that influences the energy of the body. 

1. Hold your hands in prayer pose against your heart. 

2. Ensure your palms are glued together. 

3. Spread all five fingers to give the illusion of a lotus flower. 

4. Hold against your heart, or, in a sequence, raise your hands above your head, closing your fingers, and opening them back at your heart in sync with your breath. 


Sketch credit to Notes from a Humble Yogini.