How One Hands-On Healing Experience Can Help You Release Ancient Pain

This coming Sunday, I will be receiving an attunement to Reiki Levels I, II, and III. 

Reiki is a hands-on healing of the body. Reiki is a Japanese word - 'Rei' meaning God or higher power, and 'Ki' meaning life's force or energy. 

There is a universal energy that we can access at any time. This energy flows through us to connect to everything else. A Reiki healer positions their hands intuitively on another body or being, human, animal, or plant, to be healed. 

The idea is that the Reiki energy channeled through the practice causes the body being healed to vibrate at the same frequency as the healer. Lisa Powers, a Reiki Master, uses this example to illustrate in her Udemy course:

Entrainment is the tendency for two oscillating bodies to lock into phase so that they vibrate in harmony. In 1665, Dutch Physicist and Scientist Christian Huygens found that when he placed two clocks with pendulums on a wall close to each other and swung the pendulums at different rates, eventually they would end up swinging in sync at the exact same rate. Huygens realized that this concept applied to not just pendulum clocks, but as a basic law of physics.

Although called a healer, the idea is that the body being healed is healing itself...the Reiki healer is simply a channel for energy to flow through. 

My experience with Reiki thus far has been a few standard healing by others...and a powerful self-treatment. One night, placing my hands on my forehead (my third eye) and the front of my crown chakra, I immediately saw a white-robed figure, most likely Jesus, place his hands on my head. He repeated:

Be healed, child. Be healed, child. 

I began to bawl. 

It wasn't because it was a moving experience, although it was probably one of the most beautiful moments in my time with hands-on healing. It was because of the powerful sense of healing my mind, my busy, anxious mind, was so strong, that I could not help but release all that pain I was holding onto in my body. 

The minute that I lifted my hands off my head...I stopped crying. 

The image of God disappeared, and sat there, at peace.

I am so excited to take what I learn and bring it to She Enlightened, my family, and my friends. If you have a prayer or meditation practice, please keep me in good thought and good vibes as I head to healing on Sunday. Namaste, sister.