she enlightened

You can bring light to the world

Three months ago, I decided it was time.

Time to bring to others what I've brought to myself: the gift of meditation and the chance to change the world. 

To be clear, this voice telling me to launch ahead did not come from a place of empowerment. It did not come from a giant success, or all of the stars aligning in my life, or even from a feeling of love. I was at my lowest. Our country seemingly took a step backwards, my friends and family were heartbroken and scared, and someone who meant the world to me made the decision to walk out of my life. 

Nevertheless, my breath found its way through it all. 

Nevertheless, my heart held on to hope. 

Nevertheless, that perfect voice showed up.

"Time to stop playing small. You're bigger than this. You are love. Love always wins." 

I have two opportunities coming for you on Valentine's Day - a day that this year, I want you to use to bring love to yourself.

Because you need it.

Because you deserve it.

Because loving others and fighting for the world can only work if you love you. 

If you plan to show up for the world, show up for these assignments.

You're ready.

And the world is ready for you.

Here they are...

Enlighten the World Meditation Album to benefit Exhale to Inhale

Exhale to Inhale strives to empower women who have experienced intimate partner violence and sexual assault heal and reclaim their lives.


They provide weekly yoga classes at domestic violence shelters and community centers throughout New York City, the Hudson Valley, Connecticut, and most recently Los Angeles.

The album will be available for purchase through my website. I'll guide you through 5 meditations:

1. Growing in Awareness
2. Grounding Yourself
3. Healing your Energy
4. Loving Kindness
5. Visualization

Free Email Course

Create a meditation practice that works for you in only 5 days. I'll guide you through the following lessons:

1. The 5 Essentials of Meditation (checklist included)
2). How to Create Your Own Mantra
3). Busting Meditation Myths
4). Tips to Sustain Your Meditation Practice
5). Putting it Together

Opt in here.

See you all on Valentine's Day :)