When to know if you're seeking spirituality for the right reasons

The deeper I dive into my own healing, how people heal, ways to heal, and the healing world, the more I find that a lot of people on a spiritual or healing path are in it for the wrong reasons.

To manifest something, like money or a partner.

To use it as a shiny frame around their life (ahem, social media). 

To deny or run from something. 

Spirituality then becomes about your ego's mission, not sharing more love with the world.

I am not immune to these tendencies. But I have recently become more self-aware of them. And now I want to challenge them. 

So here is She Enlightened's first ever (!!) writing exercise:

1.) Why do I speak spiritual knowledge or enlightenment? Do I want to grow, change something, or run from something?

2). Which spiritual figures do I follow, and what qualities do they have that cause me to follow them?

3). How do I share my spiritual message with the world? Does it feel authentic?

I hope this exercise serves you.